Collection: About Biogena

Biogena is an Austrian family business with the largest scientific team in the industry. It develops premium-quality micronutrient supplements in its production facility at BIOGENA Good Health World, Salzburg (Austria), implementing 100 % Austrian Science in its products. The brand has the biggest scientific team and has the LEFO seal of approval.

Biogena has partnered with over 18,000 partner doctors, the best researchers, and raw material manufacturers to support scientific research and strengthen knowledge.

Highlights of Biogena supplements: Features and Benefits 

  • Quality of products: Biogena products are manufactured using high-quality raw ingredients studied for their health benefits. These products undergo strict audits and intensive research.
  • Pure substances principle: This means Biogena supplements are 100 % pure and free from artificial colors and flavors, titanium dioxide, genetic engineering, nanoparticles, and magnesium stearate. This brand strictly avoids using synthetic colorings, emulsifiers, binding and separating agents, preservatives, or synthetic coating agents. These principles form the basis of Biogena supplements. Using this principle, over 260 quality preparations are manufactured.
  • High tolerability: The supplements are suitable for those with sensitivity and intolerance issues because they are free from allergens, lactose, fructose and gluten and hence, they are well-tolerated with a tolerability rate of 97 %.
  • Quality testing: Experts at the German LEFO Institute Dr. Wichmann thoroughly tests the products for impurities, pesticides, and heavy metals.

Largest scientific team in the industry

The brand has a team of Nutritionists, Pharmacists, Biologists, Biochemists, Geneticists and Food technologists who perform intensive research based on the latest research making micronutrient formulations capable of producing full-spectrum effects. The company collaborates with renowned institutes to support highly innovative research projects. The research findings fuel product development.

Popular products from Biogena

Our body needs high-quality and soluble magnesium salts due to varying pH requirements so that these are absorbed well and are gentle on the GI tract. Magnesium plays an important role in our body. It is important for healthy nerves and muscles, combating tiredness, balancing electrolytes, and maintaining healthy bones and teeth This supplement contains seven highly available magnesium compounds (magnesium malate, bis-glycinate, citrate, oxide, glycerophosphate, gluconate and carbonate) to fulfil daily magnesium requirement.    

This supplement by Biogena is formulated to support healthy immunity, skin, hair and nails. This unique daily formulation contains three organic zinc compounds, zinc picolinate, zinc bisglycinate and zinc malate, which are easily absorbed by the body.