Collection: Biogena

About Biogena Supplements

Biogena is an Austrian family business with the largest scientific team in the industry. It is a knowledge company with an in-house science team that collects new findings every day, conducts numerous studies, and constantly learns from innovative scientific collaborations. Through the Biogena Academy, their scientific team helps research, develop, and share knowledge with the world which is backed by the latest advances in science combined with proven ancient practices.  

Biogena is supported by more than 9,000 partner physicians, researchers, therapists, and manufacturers that help them deliver a superior line of products. They perform quality control steps for each individual batch and strictly follow their pure-substance principle which guarantees all micronutrient compounds are pure and their supplements contain no food colorings, preservatives, or processing aids.

They offer a free knowledge platform that is designed to provide in-depth articles, statistics, and vital information that represents the latest research and helps you understand the link between micronutrients and health.