Collection: Geronova Research Supplements

GeroNova Research provides the best-quality lipoic acid supplements backed by scientific evidence and professional feedback. The brand believes that lipoic acid can positively impact our health and well-being and manufactures supplements using the highest-quality raw ingredients.

Highlights of GeroNova Research supplements: Features and Benefits 

  • The brand has developed a highly stabilised, efficacious, easy-to-absorb, bioavailable form of lipoic acid.
  • Bio-enhanced R lipoic Acid supports healthy aging.
  • The supplement contains the highest concentration of active RLA.
  • Products are formulated by experts.

Some of the Popular Supplements of GeroNova Research  

Geronova Research R-Lipoic Acid: Health issues like impaired cognition are common as we age. Further, the toxins from processed food and the environment also build up in our bodies and contribute to health problems. This supplement supports healthy aging and reduces pain and numbness. It also supports heart and brain health. Being a rich anti-oxidant, R lipoic acid also empowers our natural defence system.

Product development

This brand conducts lipoic acid-related research for product development and research publication. It also implements the latest technologies and advanced delivery systems to manufacture supplements.

Specialized team of experts

GeroNova Research has a team of specialists who are skilled and experienced in various fields, like pharmacology, nutraceuticals, and organic synthesis. The experts collaborate during product development, assuring the purity and consistency of supplements.

Supportive research initiative by GeroNova Research

This lipoic acid company is sponsoring research with doctors and researchers worldwide and contributes to a greater number of scientific publications in esteemed peer-reviewed journals.