Collection: Ayush Herbs

Ayush Herbs was founded by the Sodhi brothers in 1988 with the main goal of spreading the philosophy of Indian Ayurveda to the West. They went to the US to share and demonstrate the healing power of Ayurveda.

Ayush Herbs combines the experience of both Ayurveda and Naturopathy to create pure, potent, safe, and proven herbal extracts. The herbs are grown organically in Himachal Pradesh, India.

Every human being has a unique constitution called Prakruti which is influenced by internal, external, and environmental factors (season, diet, lifestyle). Ayurveda focuses on preventing illness and recommends maintaining health every day in every season to create a balance.

Ayush Herbs: Highlights and Benefits

  • Basic Principle behind the formulations: Three doshas called vata, pitta, and kapha, impact our body in a significant way. Any imbalance in these doshas due to unhealthy food, stress, etc, produces symptoms. Ayush Herbs has different formulations designed to balance these doshas and can be used by people with different dosha combinations.

  • Product manufacturing: The company collects raw ingredients or herbs from Himachal Pradesh in India, tests them for quality and heavy metals, and after approval ships them to the United States for retesting and manufacturing.

  • Family-friendly products by Ayush Herbs: The products falling in this category are meant to support the health of all family members, of all ages including children. 

  • Pet products: This brand in collaboration with Holistic Veterinarian developed products for pets (cats and dogs). Some of the common products include Pet AP-Guard for the digestive system, Pet CoCurcumin for daily wellness, etc. Liver and kidney support supplements for dogs and cats are also available.

  • Herbal Natural Massage Oils: Ayush herbs have different types of oils like body oil, hair oil, massage oil, and soothing oil for muscles and joints. These self-massage oils have benefits like healthy circulation, skin health, muscle, and joint support, nourishing for hair and scalp, etc.

  • Hormonal and sexual health supplements: The brand has formulated different supplements to promote vitality and balanced reproductive health. Sitavari and Regu-Cycle are the best herbal hormone support supplements for women. AyuTest is another supplement supporting men's hormonal health. 

Popular Supplement by Ayush Herbs

  • AmlaPlex is a daily-use and family-friendly supplement in Chavanprash form. Amla is a rich source of vitamin C. This supplement along with amla contains 30 herbs. The health benefits include healthy immune function, daily tonification, adaptogenic support, healthy blood sugar levels, anti-oxidant support, and a healthy digestive system. 

  • Pet AP-Guard by Ayush Herbs is a pet health supplement formulated to improve the digestive health of pets. This supplement has herbs along with magnesium to cleanse harmful gut bacteria and support healthy bacteria.

  • Arjuna Heart is a heart health supplement containing two potent herbs Arjuna and Indian Elecampane, vitamins (B6, methylfolate, magnesium CoQ10), and other herbs. This supplement supports heart health, vascular health, anti-oxidant support, cellular energy production, and exercise performance.