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About us

About us | Provides Healthcare products trusted by doctors – run by healthcare practitioners with a common goal of providing variety of health & wellness consultations as well as herbal supplements & professional skin care products that are only recommended by practitioners and with our commitment that you receive the most competitive pricing, latest batches & expedite shipping.

 Nutritional consultation where we can look at the areas of your concerns such as:      

  • ADHD
  • Allergy
  • Anti-Aging
  • Asthma
  • Candidiasis
  • Child Obesity
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Constipation
  • Depression
  • Endocrine Disorders
  • Fibromyalgia
  • GI Distress
  • Inflammation
  • Insomnia
  • Impotence
  • Stress
  • Toxicity
  • etc..

Customized testing from Hair & Blood Analysis to Food Allergy Testing

Therapies that treat the whole person through holistic healing, detoxification, herbal remedies & bio-therapeutics drainage...

Seminars & Workshops 

Feel free to contact us for any additional information on our services or products even for the ones that are not listed on our website.

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