About us

Since 2005, we have been providing high-quality GMP-certified dietary and herbal supplements, as well as professional skincare products, which are sourced from natural ingredients and recommended by practitioners all over the world. Recently, we have expanded to provide these professional health brands to  customers worldwide.

Our mission, CEO vision and 18 years of success

We started this company with the mission of providing “ONLY THE TOP BRANDS” that have truly effective supplements made with the highest quality ingredients. We have worked very hard to gain the trust of our  customers worldwide. Today, we rank among the top 10 supplement companies worldwide that provide professional grade supplements and are only offered by practitioners. We want everyone to know and understand the differences between  high- and low-quality supplements , which will help them choose the optimum health for their wellbeing.

Our Highlights: Why people choose Nutriessential

The brands we represent are formulated by scientists after thorough testing in GMP-certified facilities. These high quality supplements are available for everyone to meet their specific health needs at different stages of their life.

  • Quality matters the most

    Practitioners believe in quality for their patients and what makes the difference in the brands they recommend which depends on the ingredients they use, the presence or absence of artificial ingredients, fillers, colouring agents and harmful additives. GMP certification further ensures the authenticity and safety of these products. As the result, many doctors refer our company to their patients.

    • Ingredients behind supplement success

    An effective ingredient is the main root of a healthy supplement. The type of results expected from a supplement depends on its ingredients and bioavailability. Supplements from the brand we represent are obtained from natural sources, carefully extracted and  thoroughly tested. Many supplements have the advantage of liposomal technology for enhanced absorption.

    • We provide the latest batches & expedited shipping

    Our customer's shopping experience is enhanced by our shipping services. We ship products directly from the manufacturer, and it highly benefits customers because they receive the latest batches and also not imitation products, which preserves potency and also bypasses the stress of expiry dates. Our customer receives their order earlier due to our expedited shipping that we also offer free to most of the orders.

    • GMP-certified supplements

    A supplement requires absorption and bioavailability of its ingredients to produce desired health outcomes. This is possible only with the best quality supplements manufactured by premium brands because raw ingredients are tested by third-party for quality and purity. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification guarantees safety, purity and efficacy. Supplements available on our website are cGMP-certified.

    Our Team of Doctors & Nutritionists

    Our experienced Nutritionists and supplement advisors guide you in choosing the best supplement for your health. They have proven expertise in  advanced sectors of the healthcare industry like research, clinical nutrition, surgical nutritional care, natural medicine, techniques, psychoneuroimmunology, etc. You can consult our experts for health concerns like sports nutrition, weight management, lifestyle disorders like diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, surgery, menopause, pregnancy, and lactation.

    Since 2005: Our Initiatives and Achievements

    Since we started, we only partnered with the world’s top brands that follow strict manufacturing and quality standards. Our customer support team is friendly and supportive and assists our global customers. We won the Annual Customer Choice Award twice in 2020 and 2021 and have the highest rating at SiteJabber and Reseller. Nutriessential is supporting sustainable environment goals by supporting various organisations and also providing special discounts to customers who support these conservative organisations in achieving environmental goals. We believe in health education and contribute to it by updating the blog section frequently. The articles provided by our expert writers are motivational, inspiring and meant to make informed decisions.


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