Help Us Protect Our Nature

Help Us Protect Our Nature –

The threat to our natural world has never been greater and will need each one of us to protect and restore the environment and its biodiversity.

We want to have an enduring impact on protecting our beautiful planet and to make a world of difference for generations to come. Our humble way of helping is to donate a percentage of what we sell to five leading conservation organizations that have made a great progress in protecting the environment and in promoting ambitious solutions to the critical issues we face today worldwide.

Donations made through DailyKarma go to The DailyKarma Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity that makes grants to the designated cause(s). See our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more information. Powered by DailyKarma.  Learn MoreDailyKarma a non profit organization, handles the details of the donation process. It ensures that all fundraising regulations are met in managing charity disbursements to the five organizations we have chosen. We hope you are inspired by becoming part of the solution.

To express our gratitude for your donation to help protect our planet, we will honor an extra discount code: together that you can use in addition to another discount that will already be applied to your order and waiving both the shipping and sales tax fees.

Your contribution will support