International Shipping

Pricing, taxing and payment details:

  • Transactions are made in USD.
  • Prices are listed in USD.
  • Weight and destination are used to calculate international shipping fees.
  • USPS Priority International Shipping ships international orders on the same day or the next day you place an order with us directly from the manufacturer or main distributor so that you receive the latest batches. 
  • These newly manufactured supplements may incorporate the latest advancements in formulation, quality control, or other aspects to enhance the product without worrying for expiry date so it is very important for our customers to receive supplements with the latest expiration date.

Exchange rates details:

  • The credit card company calculates the exchange rate when payment is made using a credit card.
  • Details will be reflected in the monthly card statement.

Tracking details:

  • The average delivery time is 5-15 business days based on the location of our country but Canada usually takes a lot less time.
  • Electronic tracking is available with USPS until your country’s destination.

Returned, refused and seized packages

  • Customs regulations differ by country. Being unaware of these regulations may lead to import duties, delayed delivery, or order return.
  • We strongly recommend that you carefully review our disclaimer regarding returned, refused, or seized orders before purchasing.

Import taxes, customs duties and tariffs

  • Any duties or taxes applicable are your responsibility.
  • We cannot estimate your order's additional customs fees, taxes or tariffs.
  • You are responsible for paying these fees. Your local authority sets these, and we have no involvement in determining them or collecting any payment.
  • In case of additional fees applicable to your order, you will be charged at delivery.
  • If you refuse a shipment due to these fees, we'll issue a merchandise refund minus a 20% restocking fee after receiving the returned package.

Return policy

  • Your satisfaction is our priority so incase you were shipped the wrong product by us, we will provide you with a return label for the wrong item and resend you immediately the correct product .To help you make the best choice, we have provided in our website information about the product in detail. Please ensure you select the right product, as many manufacturers during Covid have changed their policy and do not accept returns for supplements for safety reasons.

  • Heat Sensitive items and some specific products cannot be returned. 
  • To send back your unopened product, contact us via email with your reason for the return to obtain an RMA#(if wrong product received) and we will email you the address where you should send the return package. 
  • Please do not send back products without an RMA# or you will not get credit. 
  • Please do not refuse a package unless you have requested a return authorization from us.


We use USPS standard mailing service for international shipments, unless you request expedited shipping. In that case, we can arrange shipping via FedEx. Rest assured, we will promptly furnish you with the necessary shipping receipt. It is important to note also that your payment solely covers shipping charges; no additional fees apply if the shipment fees is less then what you pay then we will refund you the differences and if it is more especially with heavy bottles then we will charge accordingly to what we have been charged from USPS and their receipt will be provided to you by email. This transparent approach is verified through the corresponding FedEx shipping and USPS receipt.

If a package is returned owing to an address error made by the customer, the customer will be responsible for any shipping fees incurred.

The cost incurred due to the package being returned due to a legal violation will be the customer's responsibility.

The customer is accountable for shipping costs if they reject a package owing to additional charges.

If an international shipment is held by Customs in the destination country, we advise customers to contact local authorities directly for information about the shipment's status since it could be that the particular supplement that you have ordered is not allowed in your country so it is the customer's responsibility to handle these types of issues. Our communication with local authorities in such situations is restricted. 

Please note that confirming your order signifies your acceptance of the disclaimer regarding international shipping and delivery.