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Though good nutrition is the main foundation of good health, in the modern world, it is not enough to provide sole support to the body from food alone. Hence, supplements play a supportive role. Quicksilver Scientific was founded with the aim and objective of providing true supplements with real health benefits. 

Dr. Christopher Shade, PhD, founder and CEO of Quicksilver Scientific, relates the story of Liposomal Glutathione discovery to his personal health issue of mercury toxicity. The condition requires nutrient availability, like glutathione, which is easily broken down by the GIT. To overcome this, he came up with the solution of a Liposomal delivery system. After intensive research, he found the principles and chemistry of nutraceutical liposomes required, leading to the development of liposomal glutathione, a gold standard for all liposomal glutathione products. The brand uses over 200 ingredients to create the products.

Quicksilver Scientific: Highlights and Benefits

Expert-formulated protocols, tests, and delivery system: Christopher Shade, PhD, is a highly experienced professional who has a deep understanding of Chemistry and biology. His research and expertise are reflected in the delivery system he invented, various protocols (30-day reset program, Bio-Age Activate Protocol, Advanced PushCatch Detox System, The Black Box II), and test kits (Mercury Tri-test and Blood Metals Panel, Practitioner Combined Test)

Quicksilver Delivery Systems: This unique delivery system ensures the availability of those nutrients that are not easily absorbed by the body. Liposomes, due to their small size, easily pass between the cells to enter the blood. These are absorbed as soon as they hit the mouth. 

Follows FDA guidelines: The brand primarily focuses on the quality of supplements produced. At every step of manufacturing, FDA guidelines are thoroughly implemented. 

Thorough testing and evaluation: Apart from certified cGMP manufacturing, products are third-party tested. This demonstrates the safety, quality, and effectiveness of supplements produced by the brand. 

Types of formulations by QuickSilver Scientific: The brand has nano-formulated beverages, lozenges, topicals, liquid drops, tinctures, gummies, tablets, and capsules. 

Quicksilver’s Push-Catch Model of Detoxification: We are exposed to toxins daily, creating a toxic burden, so it is important to build up a strong detoxification and anti-oxidant system to eliminate those toxins from the body and protect the body from illness. Detoxification occurs in three phases: activation, conjugation, filtration, and excretion. Each phase has a significant role in detox. Quicksilver’s Push-Catch Model of Detoxification is designed to support these phases of detoxification.  PUSH encompasses phases I and II with its potent nutrients that activate biochemical pathways to ‘push’ toxins from the cell to the blood, liver, and kidneys. CATCH encompasses phase III with its bitter compounds that support healthy bile flow to move toxins (liver and kidney) for excretion and ensure no recirculation with support from its binding agents.

Popular products

ORIGINAL QUINTON HYPERTONIC 3.3 AMPOULES: This liquid supplement, in 30 sachets, provides you with 78 minerals and trace elements. The health benefits include hydration, muscle recovery, stamina boost, bone health, replenishment, and revitalization. It also helps combat fatigue which is very common in modern lifestyle.

ORIGINAL QUINTON 0.9 ISOTONIC AMPOULES: This liquid supplement supports homeostasis, rehydration, detoxification, normal digestion, and relaxation by providing mineral electrolytes. The unique ingredients of this supplement are replenishing and bioavailable.

GLUTATHIONE: Every cell of our body has Glutathione and it is found in the highest concentration in the liver. The liver needs glutathione to remove toxins from the body and protect our body from the negative effects of these toxins.  Liposomal glutathione is a highly bioavailable anti-oxidant that promotes good health and well-being by supporting healthy aging, immune response, and detox.