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QuickSilver Scientific Original Quinton Hypertonic - 30 ampules

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Original Quinton Hypertonic | Help your bones and teeth healthy | 30 Ampules About Original Quinton Hypertonic A healthy bo... Read more Read more
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Original Quinton Hypertonic | Help your bones and teeth healthy | 30 Ampules

About Original Quinton Hypertonic

A healthy body and calm mind is the key to overall wellness. The original Quinton hypertonic solution is the one way to lift your body and revitalize your energy production. The hypertonic solution is rich in nutrients and harvested in raw marine fluids from plankton-rich oceans. The solution is kept cold-sterilized so that it does not lose its healing properties. The ampules are curated at a higher hypertonic concentration level than your plasma so that it readily moves into the cells. The dietary supplement is best for protein synthesis, adrenal functioning, remineralization and bone formation.