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Allergy Research Calcium Magnesium Citrate

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Calcium Magnesium Citrate by Allergy Research Group - 100 veg caps | Supports proper bone & muscle health If you are reg... Read more Read more
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  1. If you are regularly suffering from aching bones or sore muscles or even some moderate exercise causes you pain you might need to include more vital nutrients in your diet.
  2. However, it is not always possible to eat a balanced diet that contains all the vital nutrients needed for healthy bones. In that case, taking supplements that contain minerals required for strengthening bones could be very beneficial.
  3. This formula contains two important minerals that work to support healthy teeth and bones. Calcium is a nutrient that supports muscles‚ promotes blood clotting‚ and neurological function. Proper amounts of this mineral are required for strong bones and to prevent bone loss.
  4. Magnesium is responsible for the formation of certain proteins and fatty acids. This nutrient also helps produce more insulin and stimulate cellular growth.
  5. Calcium Magnesium Citrate by Allergy Research Group provides 100 mg of both these minerals per serving in a highly absorbable citrate form.