Buffered Ascorbic Acid

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Buffered Ascorbic Acid - 90 Caps, 250 Capsules  | Pure Encapsulations | Supports healthy Immune System and Improves Iron Absorption

Buffered ascorbic acid from pure encapsulations is a synergistic blend of three forms of vitamin C: calcium ascorbate, magnesium ascorbate, and potassium ascorbate. These nutrients are important for maintaining healthy bones, teeth, and muscles, and are also more bioavailable than other forms of vitamin C. This is a special form of ascorbic acid that has been buffered to reduce the possibility of gastric irritation.

Buffered Ascorbic Acid is a gentle form of Vitamin C that is appropriate for sensitive individuals. It is buffered with minerals like calcium and magnesium to make it easier on the stomach.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant and free radical scavenger with many benefits, including supporting the body's immune system. It also supports the body's natural processes by promoting white blood cell function and activity, interferon levels, antibody responses, and secretion of thymic hormones.

Buffered Ascorbic Acid is a great way to get your daily dose of Vitamin C. It's also been shown to be beneficial in aiding the absorption of Iron, Red Blood Cell Formation, and Conversion of Folic Acid to Active Folinic Acid. It is also known to maintain healthy mast cell function and supports lymphocyte formation. This product is also required for the synthesis of carnitine and steroids.

Key Benefits:

  • Antioxidant support
  • Supports a healthy immune system.
  • Reduces gastric irritation
  • Improves iron absorption
  • Enhances collagen formation


Amount Per Serving

Each (size 00) vegetarian capsule contains:
Vitamin C 670 mg
(as calcium ascorbate, magnesium ascorbate, and potassium ascorbate)
Calcium (as calcium ascorbate) 15 mg
Magnesium (as magnesium ascorbate) 37 mg
Potassium (as potassium ascorbate) 20 mg
 Other ingredients: vegetarian capsule (cellulose, water), ascorbyl palmitate



Take 1 capsule, 1-4 times daily, with or between meals, or as directed by a health professional.

Precautions / Warnings:

If you are pregnant or lactating, have any health condition or are taking any medication, consult your health professional before use