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Pure Encapsulations Buffered Ascorbic Acid Powder

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Buffered Ascorbic Acid Powder | Pure Encapsulations | Vitamin C Supplement for Sensitive Individuals

Buffered Ascorbic Acid powder is a vitamin C dietary supplement from the Pure Encapsulations brand, in powder form, formulated to reduce gastric irritation that may occur among sensitive individuals when consuming it. This formulation contains gentler ingredients, such as calcium and magnesium.

Ascorbic Acid is a water-soluble vitamin that is an essential cofactor for the synthesis of collagen and other proteins. It is required for the proper functioning of the immune system and helps protect cells from oxidative damage.

Key Benefits:

  • Contains a blend of natural antioxidants to help support cellular health.

  • Supports the body’s defense systems by promoting white blood cell function and antibody response.

  • Provides reduced gastric irritation for sensitive individuals.

  • Assists in iron absorption to promote healthy red blood cells

  • Promotes collagen production for healthy skin, hair, and nails.

  • Promotes vascular health

  • This product is suitable for people with sensitive stomachs


Servings Per Container: 103 

Serving Size: One Rounded Scoop (2.2g)

 Vitamin C ... 1,220mg

Calcium ... 100mg
(from calcium ascorbate)
Magnesium ... 60mg
(from magnesium ascorbate)
Potassium ... 20mg
(from potassium ascorbate)


Take 1 scoop as needed or as directed by a health professional.