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Yin Chiao

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Yin Chiao (Yin Qiao) provides support to immune system defenses in the winter months. Yin Chiao supports not only the immune system, but also modulates the strength of immune system responses.* Yin Chiao is also very safe with no known major adverse effects. There are few formulas with the traditional use history of Yin Chiao, and investigation is beginning to understand the mechanisms of its effects. Yin Chiao may be used in conjunction with Western approaches to support systemic health.*


Serving Size:40 Drop
Servings Per Container:44
Amount per 40 drops 
Traditional Yin Chiao Formula* 164 mg 
*5:1 Concentrated Herbal Extract: Forsythia (fruit) (Lian-qiao), Japanese Honeysuckle (flower) (Jin-yin-hua), Burdock (fruit) (Niu-bang-zi), Chinese Mint (herb) (Bo-he), Platycodon (root) (Jie-geng), Chinese Licorice (root) (Gan-cao), Phragmites (rhizome) (Lu-gen), Soy (bean) (Dan-Dou-chi), Lophatherum (herb) (Dan-Zhu-ye), Schizonepeta (herb) (Jing-jie) 

Other ingredients: purified water, alcohol 25%, honey, vwegetable glycerin, and peppermint oil.
Suggested Use-
Suggested use for adults: Take 40 drops, 3 times daily, for two to three weeks, or as directed by your health care practitioner. Allow one week break before resuming. 
Keep in a cool, dry place.