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Baar Products Wool Flannel Pack 18" x 30"

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Size: Approx. 19" x 30 Reusable, 100% Natural Wool for use as Castor Oil Pack. Unbleached, extra thick weave.

Suggested Use-
Preparation and Use of Castor Oil Packs: Fold the Wool Flannel into a 3 layer thickness or to a size large enough to cover the designated area. Place a Disposable Pack on your bed to prevent soiling linens. Pour Castor Oil into the Wool Flannel, enough to saturate the flannel but not dripping. Apply the saturated wool to the desired area. Cover the saturated flannel with a disposable pack with the green side facing up (ordinary plastic wrap will work as a substitute).A heating pad may now be applied on top of the disposable pack. Begin with a medium setting on the heating pad and then proceed higher temperatures if comfortable. The pack should remain in place for 30 to 60 minutes. Cleanse the skin afterward by using CastorWash. Apply CastorWash to a wash cloth or sponge and cleanse area. Store the flannel pack in a plastic bag or container for future use. If need not be discarded after one application. For maximum shelf life, store in a cool dark place or refrigerate between uses. Upon subsequent use, add a small amount of Castor Oil to bring the cloth back into saturation. Replace cloth as needed. For maximum effectiveness, use Baar Castor Oil, the finest cold pressed, cold processed Castor Oil available.
Do not use during pregnancy or during menstrual flow.