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Women's Daily Probiotic

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New Chapter Women's Daily Probiotic - 30 Veg Caps | supports urinary tract The New Chapter Women's Daily Probiotic delivers ad... Read more Read more
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New Chapter Women's Daily Probiotic - 30 Veg Caps | supports urinary tract

The New Chapter Women's Daily Probiotic delivers advanced probiotics with clinically studied strains to support women's healthy vaginal and urinary tract areas.

  • It contains 10 billion clinically studied strains
  • Easy to consume capsule form

Women's Daily Probiotic supplement is specially formulated for women with probiotic and prebiotic blends and two Lactobacillus species. This helps support women in their urinary tract and vaginal health issues.

The probiotic supplement helps replenish the vaginal microflora and enhance the gut's ability to absorb nutrients from the food. 

The prebiotics from the Jerusalem artichoke are fuel for live probiotics, Lactobacilli La-14, and HN001 probiotic strains support a healthy vaginal ecosystem, and the organic chaste tree helps maintain hormonal balance in women.

Women's probiotics from the new chapter are DNA-tested, assured for quality, and clinically supported strains. Each vegetarian capsule contains 10 billion CFUs. Enhance your feminine health with our new chapter women's daily probiotics now