Wild Oregano Essence

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Shop for Physician's Strength


A physical and mental tonic that may help support healthy digestion, metabolism, circulation and strength.*

Rich in oxygenated compounds, this oregano juice has been used as a health support aid for thousands of years, and contains substances entirely unique compared to those found in oregano oil. A wild, pure and natural tonic.

Wild Oregano Essence is the aromatic extract of wild oregano. This powerful hydrosol is produced by a special process using only wild mountain-grown oregano. Rich in oxygenated compounds, oregano essence is a popular tonic in Europe. This oregano essence is free of chemicals, solvents, and additives.


Serving Size:2 Tablespoon
Servings Per Container:12
Amount Per Serving
Wild oregano essence700 mg
Other Ingredients:
Natural spring water and oregano aromatic essence from wild oregano herb.
Dietary Considerations-
  • Preservative Free
Suggested Use-
As a dietary supplement one to two tablespoons daily. May add to juice, water or food. Add a tablespoon with 1\4 teaspoon sea salt in 8oz. water as a special tonic.
Chemical free No preservatives or additives Never genetically engineered