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Whole Food Multivitamin PLUS

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Whole Food Multivitamin PLUS - Dr. Mercola | 240 Tablets | Support Overall Health Proper nutrient balance -- just like too lit... Read more Read more
Category : cardiovascular health, DrMercola
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  • Product Overview
  • Ingredients
  • Dosage/Suggested Use
  • Proper nutrient balance -- just like too little of a nutrient does not provide you any real benefits, too much can potentially do you more harm than good

  • Absorbability -- the key to promoting your health is absorbing as much of the nutrient as possible

  • Competitive relationship with other nutrients -- a complex evaluation is performed by the scientists to make sure the amounts and types of nutrients work well together to benefit you

  • Allergenic potential -- careful selection and measurement of the nutrient to investigate potential allergy issues

  • Long-term safety -- any potential toxic buildup balanced out