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VascuStatin Formula - Convolvulus Arvensis

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VascuStatin Formula - Convolvulus Arvensis Extract - 120 capsules by Allergy Research Group | Supports immune system health

VascuStatin formula includes Convolvulus arvensis extract - bindweed, which contains a proteoglycan mixture (PGM). VascuStatin contains bindweed grown in Wyoming, and toxic alkaloids are removed through a proprietary method.


  • Supports immune system
  • Helps maintain good health

Product Features:

  1. This formulation contains water extraction of the leaves of the Convolvulus arvensis to enhance your immune system's ability to maintain good health.
  2. Our white blood cells produce cytokines when it detects a bacterial infection in the body. cytokines are chemical messengers that inform our immune system when our body is in trouble.
  3. Excess secretion of these chemicals from cells can speed their neovascularization. Proteoglycan proteins help bind and inactivate these cytokines.
  4. This formula contains a proteoglycan mixture (PGM) which may have potent immune-stimulating properties.
  5. The bindweed used as the source of the PGM in this formula is grown in Wyoming. It initially contains toxic alkaloids which are removed by a proprietary process.


Serving Size:4 Capsule
Servings Per Container:30
Amount Per Serving
Field Bindweed (Leaves) Extract (containing 140 mg PGM)2 g
Other Ingredients:
Gelatin, maltodextrin

Suggested Use:

As a dietary supplement, 4 capsules one to three times daily, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. Sensitive individuals may want to start with a lower dose.


Contraindicated in conditions where vascular formations are desirable, i.e. heart disease, an active healing wound. Do not take for 2 weeks before and after a surgery, or during pregnancy or lactation. Contraindicated for infants, children and adolescents. Use only under the supervision of a healthcare practitioner.

Keep in a cool, dry place, tightly capped. Keep out of reach of children.