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Unda 74

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Unda #74 20ml is available by Seroyal/Unda.



For the relief of symptoms associated with digestive distress

Hemorrhoids, Portal Congestion

Alcohol content 25%

2/3 fl. oz. (20 ml)

Made in Belgium

Distributed by
Seroyal USA Inc.
Wood Dale (Chicago), IL

Use according to standard homeopathic indications for self-limiting conditions as listed, or as directed by a health professional.

Hemorrhoids, Portal Congestion
Hemorrhoids and portal congestion can be caused by poor liver function. Due to its effect on the liver, Unda 74 is indicated for overloading of the cardiovascular system, in particular, the vena portae. This remedy is indicated for portal congestion, tendency towards varicosities or hemorrhoids and deficiency of venous circulation.