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Unda 273

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Unda #273 20ml is available by Seroyal/Unda.



For the relief of symptoms associated with nervousness and tiredness

Thyroid & Throat Dysfunctions

Alcohol content 25%

2/3 fl. oz. (20 ml)

Made in Belgium

Distributed by
Seroyal USA Inc.
Wood Dale (Chicago), IL

Use according to standard homeopathic indications for self-limiting conditions as listed, or as directed by a health professional.

Thyroid & Throat Dysfunctions
Unda 273 has an action on the endocrine system. It is an outstanding remedy because of its wide spectrum of activity, from hormonal disequilibrium due to thyroid dysfunction to the degenerative lesion marked by hormonal troubles. At this stage we are at the 2nd and 3rd phases of compensation and this remedy acts on the last axis of defence. It is particularly indicated in degenerative lesions of the thyroid (hard goitre) and of the throat. Unda Number 273 is thus indicated for thyroid dysfunction, nervous spasms of thyroid origin, hard goitres, and degenerative evolution of the throat and lung.

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Recommended Dosage
Adults: 5 drops three (3) times daily.
Acute conditions: 5 drops six (6) times daily.
Children under 12: 3 to 5 drops three (3) times daily.

Place drops directly onto tongue or in a small amount of water.

None known.

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