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Allergy Research Taurox

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Taurox High Potency by Allergy Research Group - 80 pellets 0.14 oz | Supports energy & healthy immune responses

  1. Taurox High Potency by Allergy Research Group is a dietary supplement that helps promotes healthy immune responses.
  2. This formula is a homeopathic immune optimizer that adjusts the immune system to decrease fatigue which helps promote effective immune responses.
  3. It is also nonadrenergic and helps modulate cytokines. It is not an acute stimulant and doesn't contain caffeine or herbal stimulants.


  • Supports energy
  • Supports immune system
  • Not an acute stimulant
Active Ingredients: Tauroxicum (COBAT) 3X (26%), 6X (37%), and 9X (37%)
Inactive ingredients: Sucrose (80%), Lactose (20%)


Suggested Use: Adults and children over 15 years of age: Completely dissolve 2 pellets under the tongue each morning, or as directed by a health professional. Pellets can be taken at the same time or throughout the day, preferably at least 6 hours prior to bedtime. Leave the pellets in your mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing. 

Do not eat or drink 5 minutes before or after taking the product.
Refer to package insert for additional instructions and information. Keep in a cool, dry place, tightly capped.