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Superior Probiotic Blend 20 Gold

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By Biogena Little helpers: Bacterial cultures for a good “gut feeling" Our intestines are a hive of activity: The intestinal ... Read more Read more
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Our intestines are a hive of activity: The intestinal flora, also called the microbiome, colonizes it. While there are relatively few bacteria in the small intestine, the large intestine is overgrown with a dense bacterial lawn. Around 100,000 billion germs from more than 400 different species together make up the intestinal flora, which weighs over 1 kilogram. Lactobacteria and bifidobacteria are particularly abundant. The diverse tasks of the microbiome are the focus of much research. Our intestinal bacteria are jointly responsible for the optimal functioning of digestive functions, for maintaining the integrity of the intestinal mucosa and for supporting a healthy immune response. In addition, the microbiome breaks down potentially toxic food compounds, and produces certain vitamins and amino acids. Due to their diverse functions, the intestine benefits from a wide range of different bacterial strains. Modern research has shown that these support each other in their function.

Superior Probiotic Blend 20 – what is it?

With 20 billion reproducible bacteria per daily dose from 10 different, scientifically studied bacterial strains, Superior Probiotic Blend 20 contributes to a diverse colonization pattern in the intestine. The highly concentrated bacteria promote healthy microflora balance and thus specifically support well-being.