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American Nutriceuticals, LLC Stress Ease

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The effects and causes of stress are so varied and that’s why Stress Ease has a multi-faceted approach to address the causes by using a patented ingredient, a high potency herbal stress blend, the proven amino acid Theanine and minerals – It is the proven all-in-one solution to stress!

Unique herbal stress blend:

Holy Basil – Stress relief & relaxation
Rhodiola – A true adaptogen…helps with mood, fatigue and more
Lemon Balm – An effective calming agent
Eleuthro – Helps balance adrenal glands naturally
Theanine – An amino acid (from Green Tea but no caffeine) proven to create relaxing Alpha brain waves so your brain can “calm down”. More bioavailable than GABA, it’s relaxing without being a sedative
Reduces physical and mental stress responses
Inositol – Acts with the serotonin production in the brain
Vitamin B complex - To support nerves, muscles energy and overall health
Chromium - For muscles & nerves
Magnesium - Relaxes muscles
Calcium - Calms nerve transmitters
Sensoril – A clinically proven, patented ingredient from the Ashwagandha herb. 69.9% Reduction in overall stress related symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, inability to concentrate.


• Reduces physical, mental, emotional stress & fatigue
• Promotes a calming, relaxing state of mind
• Helps reduce the effects of stress & tension
• Promotes emotional well-being
• Supports healthy cortisol and DHEA to give you energy