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Spotless Cleanser

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Spotless Cleanser by Bioelements - 3 oz | Highly effective acne cleanser Bioelements offers a highly effective acne cleanser t... Read more Read more
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Bioelements offers a highly effective acne cleanser that is formulated with maximum strength OTC 2% salicylic acid. It removes surface bacteria without over-drying or stripping skin.

  1. This formula also removes excess oil and makeup that can clog pores.
  2. This product works around the clock to clear the skin of existing acne pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads while at the same time healing the signs of past acne breakouts. 
  3. This formula is constructed with maximum effective levels of salicylic acid and sulfur.
  4. It also contains plant extracts, 100% pure essential oils, and antioxidants this product is known to deliver clear professional results.
  5. Spotless Cleanser contains natural botanicals and is used by skin care professionals in acne facials.
  6. This product is tested to be non-irritating by the Dermatologist and is recommended for people with acne-prone skin