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Serum C

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INGREDIENTS: L-Ascorbic Acid, Maxogenol (Grape Skins, Green Tea Extract and Grape Seeds), Ethoxydiglycol, Butylene Glycol, L-Ty... Read more Read more
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Reveal your skin's inner glow.

Serum C is designed to work with all skin types. It can be used in conjunction with your favorite moisturizer, and it acts all day to guard your skin.

Reduce the appearance of signs of fatigue, including dark spots, redness and blotchiness, and help to improve the appearance of squint lines, crow’s feet and puffiness. You’ll find the intensive botanical compounds in Serum C help improve the skin’s ability to hydrate so you’ll have a healthy, silky-smooth skin tone that is radiant and youthful.

Because Serum C does not contain sunscreen, Nutraceutics recommends that you also use sunscreen protection so your skin will always look its best