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Radiance Rescue

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Radiance Rescue by Bioelements - 1.7 oz | Helps restores youthful resilience Bioelements offers Radiance Rescue an Instant-rad... Read more Read more
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Bioelements offers Radiance Rescue an Instant-radiance mask for the face and eyes that contains a rare white truffle that helps increase skin elasticity and moisturization.

  1. This formula is designed to help reduce the look of fine lines and puffiness around the eyes.
  2. It contains caffeine that wakes up your skin's microcirculation and restores youthful resilience.
  3. This formula also contains ingredients that are rich in fatty acids like murumuru and shea butter that help maintain soft and elastic skin.
  4. This product leaves you with a youthful glow and reduced lines and strengthens the skin barrier.
  5. Natural white truffle is a very rear ingredient that has never been used in skin care before, this ingredient has shown incredible results in transforming the skin.
  6. After clinical trials, it was found that white truffle increases the elasticity of the skin by 35%, increases moisturization by 48%, and reduces eye bag appearance by 14%,
  7. They also found that it reduces the look of wrinkles by 12.8%, and creates an increase in skin thickness by +0.39 mm.