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Neurohacker Qualia Senolytic

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Neurohacker Qualia Senolytic - 12 Capsules | Supports Tissue Rejuvenation

Are you worried about ageing? Have you been searching for the key to youth, rejuvenation and health?

Qualia Senolytic, a two-day rejuvenation regimen, is a proven secret that targets senescent cells, unlocks cellular health and revitalises ageing tissues.

Product benefits:

  • Resist ageing at the cellular level: This anti-ageing supplement aids in addressing senescent cells, pruning stressed cells and improving cellular health. Overall, this cellular age defence formula fights ageing at the cellular level.
  • Eliminate senescent cells: Senolytic supplements help restore balance by eliminating senescent cells and making room for the proliferation of healthy cells.
  • Supports tissue rejuvenation: The supplement supports the efficient use of cellular resources, encourages the regeneration of youthful cells and promotes normal tissue turnover, ultimately leading to tissue repair and rejuvenation.
  • Healthy physical function: Neurohacker qualia senolytic has ingredients that promote immune function and support the management of senescent cells in muscle.

Product features:

  • Composition: 9 standardised botanical extracts, seven polyphenol sources, seven senolytics, three trademark ingredients, 2 senolytic complements and 2 bioavailability-enhanced extracts.
  • 100 % vegan.
  • NON GMO and Gluten free

Ageing is a natural process. Senescent cells are normally produced and removed by immune cells. As the body ages, these cells accumulate, contributing to age-related health issues.  This is one of the hallmarks of ageing.   Is there anything that can optimise ageing? The answer is YES!  Senolytics act at the cellular level, eliminate senescent cells and make “room” for more youthful cells. This age-defying formula targets the root cause of ageing and is backed up by scientifically proven ingredients.

Product Info-

Serving Size:6 Capsule
Servings Per Container:2
Amount Per Serving
Fisetin (from Rhus succedanea Stem Extract)1400 mg
Quercefit® Quercetin Phytosome (Sophora japonica L. Flower Extract / Phospholipid Complex from Sunflower)750 mg
Longvida Optimized Curcumin® Extract (from Curcuma longa Root)400 mg
Olive Leaf Extract250 mg
Soybean Seed Extract200 mg
Luteolin (from Sophora japonica L. Flower Extract)150 mg
Milk Thistle Seed Extract125 mg
Piperlongumine (from Piper longum Root Extract)50 mg
Senactiv® (Panax notoginseng Root Extract and Rosa roxburghii Fruit Extract)50 mg
Other Ingredients:
Pullulan Starch (capsule), Rice Hulls
Dietary Considerations-
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
Suggested Use-
Take 6 capsules a day on two consecutive days. Wait at least several weeks before repeating. Use monthly for best results.*
Contains: Soy


What is Qualia Senolytic? How it works?

Qualia senolytic is a scientific formula specifically meant to eliminate senescent cells. Due to ageing, the body loses its effectiveness in apoptosis. This process refers to the healthy elimination and replacement of ageing cells. As senescent cells accumulate, these cause multiple chronic diseases, tissue dysfunction, age-related diseases and organ ageing. Overall, senescent cells give rise to a myriad of age-associated symptoms leading to poor health. This supplement works by eliminating these senescent cells, encouraging tissue rejuvenation and promoting overall healthy functioning in ageing.

 When should I take Qualia Senolytic?

You can take Qualia Senolytic with any meal of the day as per your convenience. You may consult your healthcare provider for more information.