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Pylori-X - 120 Capsules | Biomatrix - Plant-Based Supplement for Digestive Relief from GI Toxins   Biomatrix has created Pylo... Read more Read more
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Biomatrix has created Pylori-X capsules that contain ingredients that support healthy gut bacteria and the stomach’s mucosal lining.  It fights dangerous stomach bacteria with a plant-based formula rich in materials known for their capability to extinguish harmful microbes. it protects your stomach lining by reducing inflammation, helping tissue repair, and increasing protection from trespassing gastrointestinal organisms.

This formula helps to repair your gut as it contains a combination of four vital ingredients which are proven to work as the natural gut cure for regaining microbe balance in the body. 

It includes the  ingredients,

Zinc Carnosine: This has the capability to accelerate tissue healing in the gastric environment. Mastic Gum Extract: has been shown to accelerate the elimination of harmful gastrointestinal bugs. 

Berberine: encourages healthy microbial balance in the gastrointestinal tract and helps in optimal inflammatory balance. Bismuth Citrate: is a naturally found mineral widely used to comfort the gastric mucosa.