PureDefense w/NAC (travel pack)

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PureDefense w/NAC (travel pack) | Pure Encapsulation | Enhanced support for upper respiratory health | 20 Capsules.

About PureDefense w/NAC (travel pack)

Supports overall immune defence and provides enhanced support for upper respiratory health.

Offered in a convenient blister-pack box designed for travel or short-term dosing

Natural killer cells are part of the body's innate, or first-line, immune response.

They respond more quickly than the adaptive immune system comprised of B cells and T cells.

Once activated, natural killer cell activity peaks in as quickly as several hours, providing rapid support and wide-range immune defence.

EpiCor® is a fermentate of Saccharomyces cerevisiae containing various bioactive metabolites.

These nutrient metabolites are produced in a specialized fermentation process and enhance immune cell production.

In one cellular study, EpiCor® promoted natural killer cell activation, as well as that of B cells and T cells.

In two randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials, EpiCor® provided statistically significant support for upper respiratory tract health and overall immune health.

A separate open-label, in-house trial indicated a strong potential for EpiCor® supplementation to enhance secretory IgA levels after 30 days.

These various actions demonstrate the ability of EpiCor® to address both innate and adaptive immune responses.

NAC (n-acetyl-l-cysteine) promotes endogenous glutathione production for antioxidant protection and provides lung defence mechanisms for healthy respiratory function.

In a randomized double-blind trial involving mostly older individuals, NAC showed support for respiratory health.

Quercetin and elderberry provide flavonoids that offer additional support for immune and respiratory function while vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc play important roles in immune cell activation.

Supports first-line immune defence and upper respiratory health in a convenient travel pack.

• Features EpiCor ® saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentate, NAC, nutrients, and flavonoids.
• Promotes immune cell production and function to support innate and adaptive immune responses.

• Offered in a convenient package designed for travel or short-term dosing.