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Pumice Peel

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Pumice Peel by Bioelements 2.5 oz | Reduces the appearance of fine lines and clogged pores Bioelements offers Pumice Peel an a... Read more Read more
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Bioelements offers Pumice Peel an at-home microdermabrasion cream treatment, that can be used as a scrub or a mask to revive dull and dry skin.

  1. This formula contains natural pumice crystals that remove dead and dulling cells to reveal fresh new skin.
  2. This blend of herbal extracts is an exfoliating facial scrub that contains micro-fine pumice crystals derived from lava rock as its cream base.
  3. These pumice crystals are spherical which makes them gentle and effective in reducing the presence of dullness, fine lines, and clogged pores on the skin.
  4. This product is so gentle that it can be used three times a week.
  5. This product is suitable for oily skin, combination skin, dry skin, and sensitive skin types.
  6. Some important ingredients of this product are
  • Pumice: it is a stone that is formed when lava and water mix together. It's a light stone that is used to remove dry, dead skin.
  • Hydrogenated Polydecene: Hydrogenated polyethylene is a synthetic emollient and skin-softening agent. It can also lead to added skin barrier protection.
  • Stearyl Alcohol: Stearyl alcohol is a thickener of cosmetic products, mainly creams, and lotions.