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Probiotic 123

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Mixed probiotic supplementation helps support healthy microflora balance, promoting the mucosal lining of the G.I. tract and helping to maintain G.I. barrier function. Studies in children indicate support for intestinal comfort and occasional diarrhea. Research indicates that probiotics support immune health, promoting immune defense and respiratory health. Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG is a highly characterized probiotic strain, identified for its resistance to gastric acidity, adhesion properties and ability to support healthy gut microflora. In a study involving children ages 1-7 attending day care, L. rhamnosus GG offered statistically significant support for respiratory health.

  • Promotes intestinal comfort and health by enhancing intestinal microflora
  • Moderates mild, occasional diarrhea
  • Supports the mucosal lining of the G.I. tract and healthy G.I. barrier
  • Dairy and soy-free blend of probiotics
  • Convenient powder formula
  • Made with high-quality vegan ingredients backed by verifiable science


    • Ages 1 and up
    • Gastrointestinal health and comfort
    • Immune system support

    Suggested Use

    Ages 1 to 3, take 1/2 scoop daily. Ages 4 and up, take 1 scoop daily, or as directed by a health professional. Mix with applesauce or yogurt.