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Diem Poultry Bone Broth Chicken Fl

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Diem's Poultry Bone Broth - Chicken Flavor- 20.6 oz | provides protein and collagen peptides

Diem offers a Poultry Bone Broth supplement that has been made with 100% fresh free range, Norwegian poultry, and is a great source of protein and collagen peptides.

  1. Collagen is found in almost all parts of the body including bones, muscles, tendons, and blood vessels, and is often associated with anti-aging.
  2. This protein provides nutrients that promote skin strength and elasticity and supports skin, hair, and nail health while also alleviating joint pain.
  3. This formula has been produced in Norway through state-of-the-art hypoallergenic facilities by slow simmering to yield maximum nutrient concentration.
  4. Poultry Bone Broth provides 10 mg of protein and 5 mg of collagen per serving.


  • Slow simmered
  • Made with 100% fresh poultry
  • provides protein and collagen peptides
  • Delicious chicken flavor