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Physicians Elemental Diet Dextrose Free

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Integrative Therapeutics Physicians Elemental Diet Dextrose Free - Support Digestive System A MEDICAL FOOD FOR THE DIETARY ... Read more Read more
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Integrative Therapeutics Physicians Elemental Diet Dextrose Free - Support Digestive System


The physicians diet dextrose-free by Integrative Therapeutics is a 14-day diet program specially designed to complete the dietary needs of patients with low digestion capacity and suffering from gastrointestinal dysfunction. This dextrose-free powder has essential nutrients effective for the nutritional management of patients with moderate to severe impaired GI function.  The physicians formula elemental diet powder provides the same dietary needs as the original elemental diet powder but without dextrose, which is a source of carbohydrate

The Physicians Elemental Diet Dextrose Free Is Designed For the Following:

  1. Moderate to severe gastrointestinal dysfunction 
  2. Irritable bowel syndrome 
  3. Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth 
  4. Inflammatory bowel disease 

How Does The Physician's Elemental Diet Dextrose Free Powder Work?

The Physicians Elemental Diet Dextrose free powder works as a nutritional source for patients under medical supervision for their gastrointestinal dysfunction. It gives the patients nutritional sustenance, so they do not lack certain nutrients. The powder is a perfect mixture of electrolytes and macronutrients, surrounded with vital micronutrients as the only source of nutritional consumption for a limited period. 

It comprehensively supports patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and low digestion capacity. The ingredients prescribed in the elemental diet dextrose free are in their simplest forms and easy to digest. Besides this, the powder's well-tolerated flavor encourages patients to commit to their diet. The powder does not include the following substances:

  • Polypeptides
  • Gluten 
  • Soy 
  • Intact proteins 
  • Dairy

Clinical Evidence Of Elemental Diets 

Elemental diets have been established in published clinical research to be useful for the nutritional treatment of individuals with moderate to serious impaired GI function. After 14 days in a clinical investigation of 93 individuals with IBS or irregular breath test scores, 80% of those who followed an elemental diet had normalized test findings and an accompanying improvement in clinical symptoms. 3 85% of such patients improved after 21 days. Elemental diets could also help with IBD management. In some controlled clinical experiments, 28 patients with chronic Crohn's disease were given an elemental diet with no extra food or medicine for four weeks. 71% of patients attained clinical remission.