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Allergy Research Phosphatidyl Choline

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Phosphatidyl Choline by Allergy Research Group - 100 soft gels | Supports healthy cognitive & liver function.

  1. Phosphatidylcholines are a class of phospholipids that are attached to a choline particle. They are a significant part of cell membranes which are important because they allow nutrients in your cells while keeping harmful substances out.  
  2. This nutrient can be obtained from a variety of readily available sources like egg yolk, soybeans, etc.
  3. It has been traditionally used to support brain health and can help by providing relief from symptoms related to mild short-term memory loss. 
  4. The human brain can convert this nutrient into acetylcholine‚ which is a neurotransmitter that encourages the muscles in your gastrointestinal tract to break food down into smaller particles.
  5. This valuable nutrient also supports liver function, promotes lipolysis, and checks cholesterol levels. It may even help dissolve gallstones.
  6. Phosphatidyl Choline by Allergy Research Group provides 385 mg of this nutrient per soft gel to support the brain, liver, and cell membranes.


  • Supports healthy cognitive function
  • Supports gastrointestinal tract health
  • Supports liver function


Phosphatidycholine 385 mg

Other ingredients:


Suggested use: 

As a dietary supplement one to four softgels two or three times daily with meals, or as directed by physician.