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Nutrasal (PhosChol) PhosChol PPC Kids Orange Cream 8 oz - 8 oz

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By Nutrasal (PhosChol) A PhosChol Liquid Formulation that tastes great and is easy to take! No more juice chasers, mixing, ma... Read more Read more
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A PhosChol Liquid Formulation that tastes great and is easy to take! No more juice chasers, mixing, masking, or plugging your nose. Just a creamy, delicious, orange cream that will make administering to anyone a breeze.

You are going to love the new great taste and creamy liposome delivery system.

PhosChol kids uses the exact same same pharmaceutical grade PPC as PhosChol liquid Concentrate.

PhosChol is the leading professional brand of pharmaceutical grade PPC (polyenyl-phosphatidylcholine). Since 1982, PhosChol has stood alone as the best source of purified PPC. PhosChol delivers the highest concentrated source of 1,2 DLPC, which is responsible for PhosChol's superior efficacy.

Life happens on the membrane and purified PPC (PhosChol) provides the building blocks essential to cellular membrane repair, regeneration and function.

Like bricks of a wall, cellular membranes act as barriers to protect each cell and organelle in the human body, maintaining cellular structure, function and co-operation.

Membranes are an essential building block for life as cells, tissues, organs and ultimately an organism cannot be formed without them.

Without PC and cellular membranes life as we know it would not be possible.

PPC supports the gut - brain - liver connection

The use of purified PhosChol is both physiological and holistic and acts primarily on cellular repair, regeneration, proliferation and metabolism, with special emphasis on organs such as the liver. Based on the extensive clinical and pharmacological data available from a broad range of pathologies, PhosChol may play a fundamental role in the gut, liver, brain connection often discussed in many childhood health concerns.

Nutrasal has identified several areas of correlation and concern in which the biological activity of purified PPC/DLPC has been clinically shown effective.

PhosChol is the holistic and physiological way to optimal health and wellness.