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Pure Encapsulations Pantothenic Acid

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Pure Encapsulations Pantothenic Acid - 120 Capsules | Supplement to support Nutrient Metabolism and Cellular Energy Production

A precursor to coenzyme A (CoA), acyl group carriers, and cofactors needed by cells, pantothenic acid is essential for life. In the Krebs cycle, acetyl-CoA plays an active role in fueling cellular respiration and facilitating carbohydrates and fatty acid metabolism. Most of the pantothenic acid in the body is found in the kidneys, pituitary glands, hearts, muscles, livers, and adrenal glands. Aside from fatty acids and membrane phospholipids, pantothenic acid facilitates the synthesis of leucine, arginine, and methionine, as well as isoprenoid derivatives. 

Pantothenic acid is a precursor to coenzyme A (CoA), acyl group carriers, and cofactors needed by cells, but the body cannot synthesize it. It's difficult to find pantothenic acid in a balanced diet. Pure Encapsulations Pantothenic Acid is a great supplement for those who are looking for a way to get more pantothenic acid in their diet without having to consume foods with high amounts of it. This formula is made with hypoallergenic, high-quality vegan ingredients in a convenient, easy-to-take capsule form.
The body requires pantothenic acid in order to synthesize fatty acids as well as membrane phospholipids. In addition, it contains the amino acids leucine, arginine, and methionine as well as isoprenoid derivatives such as steroid hormones, vitamin A, and vitamin D.  

Key Benefits: 

  • Provides energy and respiratory support
  • Supports healthy adrenal function as well as cardiovascular health
  • Helps to synthesize fatty acids, amino acids, and steroid hormones.
  • Provides pantothenic acid in its D-isomer 


 Serving Size: One Vegetarian Capsule
Pantothenic Acid ... 500mg
(as calcium pantothenate)(B5)
Other Ingredients: hypoallergenic plant fiber (cellulose), ascorbyl palmitate, vegetarian capsule (cellulose, water)


As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule daily, with a meal.


If you are pregnant or lactating, have any health condition, or are taking any medication, consult your health professional before use.