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Osteo-K - 180 Vegcaps By NBI | Supplement for Bone Support As you age, your bones may start becoming more brittle and weak. As... Read more Read more
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Osteo-K - 180 Vegcaps By NBI | Supplement for Bone Support

As you age, your bones may start becoming more brittle and weak. As a result, they may break more easily, interfering with your everyday activities. This results from the destruction of the structural tissue inside your bones. Osteo-K by NBI brand contains 45 mg of MK4, also called menaquinone-4, and menatetrenone, calcium and vitamin D. MK4 is a form of natural Vitamin K2. As a nutrient, MK4 has many positive effects on the body. Research on MK4 (45 mg/day) shows it builds stronger bones and promotes healthy blood production. 

More Information About Osteo-K Bone Supplement 

A lack of essential minerals can prevent you from growing and maintaining strong, healthy bones. One of these minerals—calcium—is well known for supporting bones and teeth. Calcium is typically found in milk and dairy products like cheese and yoghurt; it's also contained in a wide array of fortified, processed foods. Osteo-K goes beyond calcium and vitamin D by including MK4 in amounts shown in clinical trials to increase bone collagen.

A sufficient amount of calcium and vitamin D in the body throughout life and a well-balanced diet, including nutrition, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Osteo-K provides advanced nutritional support by binding calcium and vitamin D3 with MK4. MK4 is derived from Orange Jasmine (Murraya paniculata) leaf geraniol extract. 

NBI has developed two distinct versions of Osteo-K to meet the nutritional needs of different people,

  • The original Osteo-K formula for those who need more calcium and
  • Osteo-K Minis for those who require less calcium from a dietary supplement.