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Olivirex - 60 capsules | Supports detoxification & promotes immune function Biocidin Botanicals offers a broad-spectrum o... Read more Read more
Category : antioxidant, Detoxification, Immune Support
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Biocidin Botanicals offers a broad-spectrum olive leaf supplement that could support optimal detoxification and healthy immune response.

  1. Olive leaf has been used medicinally by various cultures throughout history for many health benefits.
  2. This herb contains oleuropein‚ which is a polyphenol that might support detoxification and provide antioxidant protection.
  3. Oleuropein could also have a gentle antimicrobial effect which may help your immune system fight off some harmful foreign bacteria.
  4. This formula also contains botanicals like milk thistle and American ginseng that provide further support for immune function.
  5. Olivirex provides 375 mg of olive leaf extract per capsule which has been standardized to provide a minimum of 18 percent oleuropein.