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NSK-SD 100mg - Nattokinase

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Pure Encapsulations NSK-SD-100mg - Nattokinase Supplement 60 and 120 Capsules | Supports cardiovascular function and blood circ... Read more Read more
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Pure Encapsulations NSK-SD-100mg - Nattokinase Supplement 60 and 120 Capsules | Supports cardiovascular function and blood circulation

In the body, Nattokinase, a fibrinolytic enzyme derived from Japanese natto, plays an active role in maintaining healthy clotting and fibrinolytic processes. Maintain a healthy circulatory system with NSK–SD™ from Pure Encapsulations. NSK–SD - 100mg (Nattokinase) is a highly purified fibrinolytic enzyme that has demonstrated encouraging potential for supporting endogenous fibrinolytic activity and promoting healthy blood flow, circulation, and blood vessel function.

The NSK-SD nattokinase supplement is not recommended for individuals with a history of bleeding tendency or bleeding-related conditions. The use of anticoagulants and blood pressure medications concurrently should be closely supervised by a health professional due to their potential synergistic effects.