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Nourishing Hair Formula

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Nourishing Hair Formula by Biogena - 60 caps | Supports proper hair growth and maintenance Sometimes you just want to rip out ... Read more Read more
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Sometimes you just want to rip out your hair because it is dull, brittle, and full of split ends. Men and women both want healthy, beautiful hair, but environmental conditions, excessive hair care products, and heat damage their hair every day, making it brittle and dull. It is not only external care that can make beautiful hair but also our diet that can support it actively.

  1. Nourishing Hair Formula by Biogena is a supplement for strong and beautiful hair.
  2. Everyone wants beautiful and healthy hair but environmental conditions, excessive use of hair care products, and heat damage can cause it to lose its strength and shine.
  3. Beautiful hair doesn't just need external care but also needs to be supported actively through our diet. Taking selected micronutrients like biotin (vitamin H), supports the maintenance of normal hair.
  4. This product is formulated to provide 2500 mcg of biotin per serving. It also contains pantothenic acid and L-cystine providing a spectrum of micronutrients that can support the fullness of hair.