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Pure Encapsulations Nitric Oxide Support

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Nitric Oxide Support - Pure Encapsulations - 162 gms | Promotes Healthy Oxygen Circulation and Supports Energy Production in Muscles

Wanted to know what you can do to support healthy circulation and the delivery of oxygen to working muscles? Well then, now you can! Nitric Oxide Support by Pure Encapsulations is made with hypoallergenic, vegan ingredients and contains arginine, a nitric oxide precursor. This helps to support healthy circulation and the delivery of oxygen to working muscles. Taking Nitric Oxide Support can help you feel more energized and focused, while also helping to reduce fatigue and prevent muscle breakdown. 

This arginine-based formula promotes healthy nitric oxide production, facilitates the removal of ammonia and lactate, supports immune function, maintains acid-base balance, and provides antioxidant protection. It comes in a powdered lemon-lime flavor for ease of use. This product can support immunity, improve recovery time and quality of sleep and provide antioxidant protection.

Arginine assists in the synthesis of growth hormone, which is important for maintaining lean muscle mass and supporting muscle recovery.  

Immune Support:  Recent research suggests arginine promotes immune health by increasing nitric oxide production by immune cells as well as increasing communication between immune cells.  
As an antioxidant, vitamin C protects blood vessel endothelial cells from free radical damage and enhances nitric oxide bioavailability and activity. A combination of alpha-ketoglutarate and malate from this formula provides energy support  


Key Benefits: 

  • Helps increase oxygen delivery to the muscles, supporting healthy circulation.

  • Promotes muscle energy production during exercise, so you can get the most out of every workout.

  • Formulated in a convenient powder form for ease of dispensing

  • Increases blood flow and oxygen delivery.

  • Supports muscle fatigue
  • Growth hormone production
  • Supports immune health
  • Promotes nitric oxide production that helps for healthy blood circulation and to maintain optimal platelet levels


Serving Size: One scant tablespoon (5.4 g)

 Amount Per Serving
L-arginine ... 2, 050mg
(from arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (2:1))
Citrulline ... 715mg
(from citrulline malate)
Vitamin C ... 200mg
(as ascorbic acid)
Other Ingredients: xylitol, stevia leaf extract, Luo han guo (Momordica grosvenori) extract (fruit), natural lemon and lime flavors


Pure Encapsulations recommends 1 serving (1 scoop) per day, mixed with water, 20 minutes before exercise.

Precautions / Warnings:

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your physician before taking this product. As l-arginine increases nitric oxide production, it should be avoided by individuals with migraines, depression, autoimmune disorders, kidney or liver disease, and herpes. People who have suffered a myocardial infarction (heart attack) should not use l-arginine until more is known.