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By Energique Homeopathic. Multi-Flower™ may temporarily relieve emotional conflicts.† Multi-Flower is a combination of all of... Read more Read more
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Homeopathic. Multi-Flower may temporarily relieve emotional conflicts. Multi-Flower is a combination of all of the English flower essences.

Each of Energique®’s homeopathic, doctor-formulated combinations are prepared according to the exacting standards of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. All of their remedies are hand-succussed as Hahnemann originally intended, with great care taken to achieve the proper dynamization of every drop.

Preparing quality high-potency remedies requires quality starting materials. Energique’s mother tinctures are prepared in-house or sourced from qualified, pre-approved suppliers located around the world, and insoluble starting materials are first sufficiently triturated as per Hahnemann’s original instructions. Though labor-intensive, this ensures that the remedies made from these substances attain to the highest degree of potentization.