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Moisture Positive Cleanser

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Moisture Positive Cleanser by Bioelements - 16 oz | Helps balance the complexion Bioelements offers Moisture Positive Clean... Read more Read more
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Bioelements offers Moisture Positive Cleanser a professional facial cleanser for dry skin that makes your skin soft, hydrated, and comfortable.

  1. This non-irritating creamy cleanser is formulated in such a way that it gently removes impurities & traces of makeup without drying out the skin.
  2. This formula contains ingredients like ginseng, Gotu kola, and Dong Quai that help strengthen and balance the complexion.
  3. It also contains essential oils that hydrate, calm & refresh the skin.
  4. Since 1991, skin care specialists have been using Bioelements formulas to treat the skin problems like skin aging, so it is highly likely that you might have experienced these products if you ever had a professional facial.
  5. This product is recommended for very dry & dry skin types.