Mobility 2

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Mobility 2 by Health Concerns | 90 Capsules | Based on the traditional formula Clematis Combination (Shu Jing Huo Xue Tang)

About Mobility 2:

In traditional Chinese medicine, arthritis is caused by poor circulation, accumulation of moisture in the joints, and inflammation related to blood stagnation. Mobility 2 treats these conditions while also nourishing and circulating the blood and providing analgesic relief of pain.

Take 2 to 4 tablets TID, between meals
(Three times a day)


Red Peony
 -root chi shao
Tang Kuei 
 -root dang gui
Ligusticum root
 -chuan xiong
Rehmannia (cooked) root
 -shu di huang
Persica kernel
 -tao ren
White Atractylodes
 -rhizome bai zhu
Poria sclerotium
 -fu ling
Citrus peel
 -chen pi
Siler root
 -fang feng
Vitex fruit
 -man jing zi
Gentiana root
 -long dan cao
Achyranthes root
 -niu xi
Chiang-huo rhizome
 -qiang huo
Clematis root
 -wei ling xian
Angelica root
 -bai zhi
Licorice root
 -gan cao