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icrob Defend - 90 Soft gels | Biomatrix | Supplement to Support Healthy GI and Microbial Balance BioMatrix offers Microb-Defen... Read more Read more
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BioMatrix offers Microb-Defend a botanical relief for yeast imbalance. It uses potent essential oils to protect your gut from yeast proven for their microbe balancing properties. it combines thyme, clove, and oregano oils in soft gel capsules. Provides relief from discomfort like aches, bloating, and diarrhea it balances yeast levels in the body just like Candid-X.

When our gut balance is disturbed intestinal balance also becomes compromised, and while we can increase the growth of healthy gut flora by enzymes and probiotics they can't suppress harmful gut flora, leaving the gut irritated and full of microbial overgrowth and inflammation.

These days, essential oils are gaining popularity, but some oils are being used for centuries due to their excellent medicinal properties. Researchers have found that not only do these oils remove bad microbes but also promote good bacteria, wound healing, and pain relief.

Biomatrix's Microb-Defend is a soft gel that contains the essential oils of thyme, oregano, and clove.

Thyme: It contains thymol that suppresses various harmful bacteria while supporting the growth of good bacteria.

Clove: It contains eugenol that helps balance intestinal inflammation and neutralize oxygen radicals.

Oregano: It contains carvacrol which is helpful in soothing intestinal symptoms and balancing cholesterol levels.