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Cenitol Powder 7.8 oz

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Cenitol Powder 7.8 oz | Nervous System Support | 222 grams Metagenics Cenitol Powder supports healthy overall nervous system fu... Read more Read more
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Cenitol Powder 7.8 oz | Nervous System Support | 222 grams

Metagenics Cenitol Powder supports healthy overall nervous system function with two complementary ingredients, inositol, and magnesium amino acid chelate.

This unique combination helps regulate cellular processes that promote nervous system health, for a wholesome approach to keeping your nerves functioning at their best. Inositol is a very important natural part of cell membranes. It acts as a building block for an intracellular system called the second messenger system, which controls many important cellular processes in the body, especially in the brain.Magnesium chelate helps address deficiencies in magnesium, another crucial mineral needed for healthy nerve health.Metagenics Cenitol Powder boosts both molecules with a dosage flexibility that you won't find with other supplements on the market. Enjoy this professional-grade formula and start feeling better right away! The product is gluten-free, vegetarian, and non-GMO.