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Endurance Product Company MAG-AMIDE Sustained Release - 120 tabs

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By Endurance Product Company MAG-AMIDE® Magtein® & Niacinamide is a sustained-release dietary supplement featuring Magtein... Read more Read more
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MAG-AMIDE Magtein & Niacinamide is a sustained-release dietary supplement featuring Magtein magnesium L-threonate and niacinamide. The proprietary vegetable-based, wax-matrix tablet is formulated for slow, steady dissolution over 3 to 5 hours for optimal nutrient absorption and tissue retention. MAG-AMIDE delivers targeted brain health benefits by helping to maintain healthy neuron and cognitive function and fuel cellular energy production. Magtein is a unique form of magnesium shown in pre-clinical studies to readily cross the blood-brain barrier and promote the synaptic plasticity neurons need to communicate. Inside neurons, magnesium plays a key role in cellular energy production.