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Allergy Research Lutein 20 mg

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Lutein 20 mg by Allergy Research Group - 60 soft gels | Supports eye health & antioxidant activity The eyes are an import... Read more Read more
Category : Allergy Support, AllergyResearch, antioxidant, cardiovascular health, Inflammation, pain relief, Shop By Condition
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  1. The eyes are an important part of the body so we should take good care of them. While it is not always possible to avoid eye problems, by taking the right nutrition it is possible to reduce the risk of developing them.
  2. This formula contains Lutein and zeaxanthin that combine to make up a certain pigment found in the retina to help fight the free radicals of the environment including ultraviolet light from the sun.
  3. Some common sources of this antioxidant are kale‚ collard greens‚ spinach‚ cress leaf‚ chicory leaf‚ parsley‚ and mustard greens. it is not always possible to eat a diet containing these foods so you can take a supplement that can support eye health
  4. Lutein 20 mg by Allergy Research Group contains powerful antioxidants that provide the eyes from harmful free radicals.