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Ligament Restore

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Pure Encapsulations Ligament Restore - 120 Caps, 240 Capsules |  BioCell Collagen for healthy tendons, ligaments, and joints ... Read more Read more
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Pure Encapsulations Ligament Restore - 120 Caps, 240 Capsules |  BioCell Collagen for healthy tendons, ligaments, and joints

Ligaments and tendons lose their elasticity and strength due to age, injury or a lack of activity. This condition can lead to pain, cramps, and inflammation, which can affect the quality of your life.

Ligament Restore from pure encapsulations brand that provides a powerful combination of collagen and essential vitamins to help maintain healthy connective tissue. It contains glucosamine, collagen, amino acids, as well as herbal extracts to support bone and joint health. Repair your ligaments today with Ligament This product is clinically shown to help improve the natural repair process of connective tissue. Among the tissues in the body, silica is primarily found in connective tissue, in which it plays a crucial role in the formation of collagen  

A significant part of this formula is enriched with l-lysine and l-proline, which are additional amino acids that support collagen formation. These amino acids are hydroxylated into hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine by vitamin C, which acts as glue to bind collagen molecules.