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L-Tryptophan Complete

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By Lidtke Enhanced support for sleep and mood.* With Ultra Premium TryptoGOLD, Lidtke® strives to bring a new level of purit... Read more Read more
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By Lidtke

Enhanced support for sleep and mood.*

With Ultra Premium TryptoGOLD, Lidtke® strives to bring a new level of purity and safety to all their products containing L-Tryptophan...custom made by a natural fermentation process.

What is L-Tryptophan Complete?

L-Tryptophan Complete is the result of years of research into the brain's many natural biochemical pathways, with the goal of maximizing healthy levels of serotonin.*

How tryptophan is utilized in the body can depend upon a number of factors, such as the availability of certain vitamins and nutrients. It is for those who seek to maintain healthy serotonin levels and who wish to support their nutritional balance of this essential amino acid that  L-Tryptophan Complete was developed.

The normal production of both Serotonin and Melatonin from L-Tryptophan depends on numerous enzymes - some of which are part of the L-Tryptophan-Serotonin pathway, and some of which are not. Each enzyme in this process depends, in turn, on specific cofactors and coenzymes. Without these, an enzyme is like a car without wheels, and the biochemical pathway may function poorly or become a dead end - forcing metabolites down alternative pathways that may produce side effects.

Getting the right nutrient to the right enzyme is the key.* Once in your cells, L-Tryptophan can follow many pathways. The challenge is to encourage and direct L-tryptophan to follow the one branch that leads to serotonin.*

Lidtke has studied these pathways and has identified numerous cofactors and coenzymes that they believe will help maintain healthy serotonin levels, for a brighter outlook and a more productive life.*

When you look back at the diet of prehistoric peoples, paleo-anthropologists tell us that the average intake of folic acid (not methylfolate) was approximately 5mg per day, far above the amount found in dietary supplements today.

Dr. Weston Price traveled the world visiting many tribes and groups of people who still consumed diets very similar to the diets common to ancient man. Almost without exception, those people were far healthier than those consuming a modern diet.

At Lidtke, they have searched far and wide for a form of folate that approximates the form found in the diet of ancient man. The best that they have found is the Organic Lemon Peel Extract which they now provide in all of their products that require folate. They see no contraindications for the use of this ingredient.

Methylfolate on the other hand may bypass our natural methylation feedback controls and may be contraindicated for a portion of the population who are prone to elevated methylation. Lidtke strives to benefit the widest population possible, and for this reason they have chosen to use their Organic Lemon Peel Extract as a source of folate.

L-Tryptophan encourages:

• Restful sleep*• mood support*• Relief of minor aches and pains, such as pain resulting from exercise*• Supports satietyProduct Info-Serving Size:3 CapsuleServings Per Container:40