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Allergy Research Group Glutamine 800 mg - 250 Vegcaps

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L-Glutamine 800 mg - 250 veg caps | Supports brain function & healthy GI tract If you are looking for a supplement that c... Read more Read more
Category : AllergyResearch, Amino Acids, brain health, Gastrointestinal Health, glutamine, Immune Support, Immune System
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L-Glutamine 800 mg - 250 veg caps | Support Brain Function & Healthy GI Tract

1. If you are looking for a supplement that can promote brain function and support a healthy GI tract try this amino acid formula by Allergy Research Group.

2. Our bodies produce this amino acid in the muscles which is then transported to the rest of the body by the blood.

3. This acid is one of the main components needed by the body for the production of proteins. It is also essential in making other amino acids and glucose.

4. This amino acid is responsible for removing excess ammonia from the body. It supports immune system function, normal brain function, and healthy digestion.

5. L-Glutamine 800 mg provides 800 mg of this amino acid per veg capsule.